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All meetings start at 7:30pm


Sept 8
Color Prints, Monochrome, Small Prints

Program - Silo City, Buffalo, NY


Sept 22
Projected Images - Open, Nature and Special - Angles

Program - Photoshop Tips & Tricks

Pre-meeting @ 6:30 - Using the Photoshop Gradient Tool


Oct 13
Color Prints, Monochrome, Small Prints

Program - Printmakers describe their winning prints and how they were made


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The Tripod Camera Club is the place to learn and improve your photography

In an effort to improve the educational benefits of the club, we have one or more educational programs at each and every meeting.  If you want to join us in the monthly competitions, that's great. But if you just want to learn more about taking better photographs, working with Photoshop or Lightroom, or the secrets of shooting at new travel destinations, you'll love the Tripod  Camera Club.

We hope you'll join us.