About Tripod Camera Club

"I learn so much from the workshops" - Kendall Draeger

The Club meets at 7:30pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from September to May, with the exception of December, when we only meet on the second Tuesday. The first meeting of the month is our print competition meeting and the second meeting of the month is the projected images competition.

The club's goal is to help you learn and improve your photography. Each meeting has an educational program. The topics include travel guides for popular photographic destinations, Photoshop skills, photographic techniques and more.

The Club offers a variety of workshops during the season, on various topics such as B&W and Color darkroom techniques, hand-coloring photographs, table-top lighting, mat cutting, digital photography and close-up nature photography. There are also several Club outings ranging from a day to a week at places like the Smoky Mountains National Park and Caesar Creek State Park.

Guests are always welcome.

Tripod Camera Club is a non-profit organization located in Dayton, Ohio. It is designed for any individual - amateur or professional - that has an interest in photography. Membership is intended for local residents of the greater Dayton and Cincinnati areas. The Club was organized in the early 1940's as a successor to a local NCR camera club. Today, we have approximately 90 members and many of our members are among the finest photographers and print-makers in the area.