Crystal Ball Photography

Arches National Park - Day and Night

Improving your Landscape Photography

Photoshop Actions
Entering International competitions

How to improve your photos
Spark Your Photographic Creativity

Using Lightroom Mobile on your smartphone
Magee Marsh Photography Guide

Video Editing with Photoshop
Putting photos inside text and text inside photos

Making your own textures for backgrounds
Babcock and Mabry Mills photo guide

Photography in Cuba
African Safari planning

Photography and Social Media
Photo Restoration

Turning photos into art
Photography in Chicago

Noise Reduction
Photographing Birds in Flight

How to get into print competition

Clipping masks
10 Photography apps for iPhone

Memory Card Mysteries - Solved!
What NOT to do in Photoshop

Photographing the Elusive Owls of Canada
Photographing hummingbirds with no flash

10 MacGyver tricks for photography
Photographing Frozen Bubbles

Women in Photography
File Organization - Tracking your winning photos

HDR Interiors
Photography in the Amish Country

Luminosity masks
Noise Reduction in the Camera

Namibia Travel Guide
Clone Stamp Tool

Hawaii Travel Guide
Creating a slideshow

Infrared camera conversion and post processing

Smartphone Photography apps

Drone photography
Using nik Plug-ins

Know Before You Go - Preparing for Travel Photography
Stop Action Photography

Shooting video with your DSLR
File Organization and Backup Plan

Untethered Wildlife Photography
Local Adjustment Tools in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom

Songbird Photography Setups

Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Intro to Lightroom 2015
Time-lapse photography

Mastering the Gradient Tool in Photoshop
GoPro System Guide and usage tips

All about lenses
Iceland Travel Guide

Smartphone Photography
Creating a Slideshow Overview
  1. Creating a slideshow using Lightroom
  2. Creating a slideshow using iPhoto

Using a Flash in the Shade

Palouse, Washington Travel Guide

Out of Bounds - Taking your subject outside a frame - Sample photograph for this exercise

Using 3M Positionable Mounting Adhesive (PMA) for mounting printsSemp

Making Panoramas

Shooting flowers

Judging Criteria

Organizing your photos on your computer

Creating Black and White photos

Night and Fireworks photography
Understanding ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed

Preservation and Restoration of photos
Working with Raw files - 2014

Death Valley travel guide
Understanding your digital camera

Lightroom - 2014

Creating books from your photos

Understanding Photoshop Blend Modes (small file) - (Click here for larger file with screen print examples - 5 Mb)

Cleaning your DSLR sensor

Route 66 resources
Understanding Shutter Speed and motion

Understanding the histogram and using Levels
Is Lightroom for you?

Understanding aperture and depth of field
Shooting for focus stacking

Focus stacking post processing

Photoshop Actions - 2013

Video editing with Photoshop CS6
Sharpening your images

Fixing common problems in Photoshop
Black and White printing

Layers and Layer Masks 101 - Click here for sample image

Complete HDR

Printing for Maximum Impact

Painterly Photography

Lightroom overview - Part 2

Memory card tests and recommendations

Lightroom overview - Part 1

Understanding Image Critique

Photographing Birds in Flight


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Tripod Camera Club members have conducted several workshops on the use of Photoshop. You can get the handouts from these workshops below. Maybe some of these tips and instructions will help you in your digital darkroom.

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